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These terms and conditions are meant to govern your use of the website.This website is owned and managed by Dirums Collective Private Limited, which shall hereafter be referred to as ‘Us’ or ‘We’ or ‘Dirums’, as the context may require. These terms and conditions are for the totality of any expressed or implied contracts which may or may not exist between us and the users of the website.This site and its components are offered only for informational purposes; this site shall not be liable or responsible for the usefulness, accuracy or availability of any information made available or transmitted via the site, and shall not be liable or responsible for any omissions or errors in that information. All terms and conditions as mentioned below are applicable for international users. However, any final decisions regarding the usage of our services shall be under the discretion of Dirums. By using this site, the users are accepting all our terms and conditions as a whole.


* User: Any individual/organization using the services provided by including but not limited to purchase, sale, resale, browsing, exhibition and bidding.

* Buyers: Buyer shall mean the individual(s)/organization(s) who has registered or not registered with us and buys or wishes to buy the products/services offered by us.

* Sellers: Seller shall mean the individual(s)/organization(s) who has registered with us and is using our service for the sale of their artwork(s).

* Product(s): Product includes, but is not limited to, the artwork(s) put up for sale on our website.

* Service: This refers to the services provided by 

* Website: This shall be referred to as the domain which is publicly accessible and is owned by Dirums Collective Private Limited. 

* Member: A person/ organization who has certain exclusive privileges to which random individuals do not have any access and have been approved by Dirums. 

This is to clarify the users of the website that, owned and managed by Dirums Collective Private Limited, serves only as a platform where sellers/artists get the opportunity to showcase their artwork and buyers/collectors get to purchase those artworks as shown by the seller/artist. Dirums does not play any role in the formation of the artworks if sold by individual artists or other art galleries on the platform. Although it does verify the sellers’ background and their work, it does not entirely ensure the copyrights of an artwork. Therefore, the sellers accept to borne this risk by using Dirums.

Collection of Information:
To know more about the protection of your information on Dirums, we request you to kindly go through the privacy policy of our website.

Genuinity of information:
When users provide their information to us, we trust them with the truthfulness of their information and shall not intervene in their personal life for the sake of verification, however, they are required to submit their identification proof. By using our service, all users agree to accept our terms and conditions and therefore confirm that the information provided by them is correct.

Privacy and use of information:
Like any other E-Commerce website, also collects information from its users in order to provide its services smoothly. The information collected from the users includes but is not limited to the name, address, contact, bank transfer details, etc. However, we assure you that this information is secure with us and we shall not share it with any third party unless they assure its safety. This too shall only be done in order to give you a better experience while using

We collect certain information from our users to serve them better and therefore, when a user registers with us, they take the responsibility of providing us with correct information. This information shall not be used by us for any purpose other than service. To know more about the privacy, protection and use of information, users are requested to go through the privacy policy. In case a user wishes to stop us from using/keeping their information with us, they may opt to do so by informing us on

User Rationality and responsibility of action:
When a person becomes the user of our service, we believe that they are rational, are 18 years or more in age, and are not charged with certain crimes or offenses as under the criminal laws of any nation. 
The user of the service shall always be responsible for any activity from their account. They must themselves ensure the confidentiality of their information including but not limited to login id and password and prevent any unauthorized access to their computer. Dirums shall not be held responsible for any unauthorized access to the user’s account or device. 

Sale of artwork:
All products on Dirums are chosen exquisitely, however, Dirums does not play any role in the formation of those products/artworks, as already mentioned, Dirums only serves as a platform that art collectors can rely on for safer purchase/collection of artworks and artists/sellers can trust on with their artwork(s). When a sale takes place on Dirums, the buyer is inviting Dirums to contact the seller of the respective artwork(s) and guide them towards the shipment of the same. The seller, however, is also accepting these guidelines from Dirums upon their own will. Dirums does not enforce the users to accept their service, it's the users that invite Dirums to serve them by becoming a user.

When a buyer pays for an artwork(s) on Dirums, they have already entrusted Dirums with their Private information like credit card/debit card/ bank transfer details, to know more about the safety and use of such private information, refer to our privacy policy.

By paying for a product on Dirums, the buyer is confirming the want for it and is ordering Dirums to get it from the seller/artist for them. Dirums uses renowned and reliable third party gateways, the buyers must keep in mind that Dirums shall not be held responsible for any third party errors.

This is to inform the buyers that the product prices mentioned on the website do not include any taxes and customs as may be required from time to time and need to be paid by the buyer. However, the shipping charges are also not included but shall not be beared by the buyer except under certain special circumstances or as mentioned in the product’s details.

Upon the placement of an order by a buyer, Dirums shall contact the seller of the product and guide them towards sending the product to the buyer. By accepting a sale, the seller is also accepting the pricing and commission policies of Dirums as already provided to them at the time of registration. This is to make the sellers aware that the cost of shipping the product to the buyer shall be borne by them also in case of returns except under certain specified circumstances, to know more about such circumstances, refer to the return policy

Seller limitations:
Although Dirums does not bind the sellers in a contract which restricts them from selling their artwork(s) on other platforms, the sellers are yet advised to avoid selling the same artwork on various different platforms especially at different prices because this would deteriorate the image of the platforms as well as the seller. However, in certain exceptional cases, Dirums might enter into a mutual contract with the seller/artist in order to maintain the exclusivity of the artwork/product.
In case of any misconduct on part of the seller, Dirums has all the rights to suspend the seller’s account from the platform. In case the seller has already sold out an artwork on a platform other than Dirums and/or is not in a condition to be able to supply the artwork on Dirums, the seller must take it down from Dirums in order to avoid any duplicate orders being placed under confusion.
By registering as a user, the seller is assuring that the artworks put on sale by them are genuine and that they own its copyrights. In case of any copyright infringement of an artwork, the seller accepts to take the responsibility for the same.

When an order is placed, it must be shipped by the seller within 4 working days, (14 working days for international buyers) however, it may vary under certain circumstances. The cost of shipping shall be borne by the seller(unless in certain circumstances or prior notification of shipping charges by the seller at the time of uploading the product) and the seller must ensure to choose a reliable shipping agent. Once the order is placed, buyer will be notified about the approximate delivery date. Generally, it takes 7 -14 days to reach anywhere in India but it totally depends on the shipping agent and the pincode. However, if a buyer is from outside India or from India but have chosen an artwork by an artist outside India, the order may take more than 14-20 days to reach. Incase of international shipping if there are any taxes or custom duties to be paid, all shall be levied on the buyer of the artwork, as applicable. 

Before shipping, it is the responsibility of the seller to properly pack the artwork in order to avoid any damage during transit. To learn how to pack an artwork, click here. The seller must get the package insured before shipping in order to reduce their risk of the artwork being damaged and hence, they may claim it from the shipping agency if the situation calls for it. To know more about the shipping of an artwork, click here.

Damage, Return and Cancellation:
If an artwork is damaged during the shipping of the artwork, Dirums shall have no intervention for the same, except for contacting the seller to return the amount paid for the artwork back to the buyer. To know more about the consequences of return, exchange, damage and cancellation, refer to the return policy, click here.

The buyers must be aware that upon the purchase of an artwork, they still do not possess the copyrights of the artwork as it shall still remain with the original artist/copyright holder. The buyer must confirm that they also receive the Certificate of Authenticity within the shipment. The seller must also keep in mind to place the Certificate of Authentication along with the artwork while packaging it for shipping. 

If a buyer wishes to purchase an artwork which has been put up for resale, they may do so by being aware that Dirums does not take the responsibility of genuinity of the artwork. It is the seller who is taking the responsibility for matters concerning but not limited to the copyright ownership and authenticity of the artwork. The reseller agrees to take the responsibility for the packaging and shipping of the artwork, to learn more about how to pack and ship, click here. There shall be no interference of Dirums in case the artwork shipped to the buyer of resold artwork does not match as shown by the reseller, the reseller accepts the responsibility for it. However, Dirums shall provide support to the buyer by instructing the reseller to accept the return of the artwork.

Registered Dirums Members shall be able to bid in an auction without any charges. However, an individual can become a Dirums Member if he/she fulfills certain criteria as mentioned in the Member policy. In case a non-member wishes to participate, they may do so by depositing a refundable amount as mentioned prior to the respective auction.

For more information about the terms and conditions governing the auctions at Dirums, contact 

In case of international payments, we use well-renowned currency converters, however, the conversion rate might slightly vary from the existing current rate at the time of purchase. All such conversion is at the discretion of Dirums and by using the website, the user is accepting the same.

Dirums Membership:
We do not charge any fee for membership, however, only specific individuals can become members at Dirums. To learn more about Dirums Membership, visit Member policy.

Return & Cancellation Policy

If a Buyer finds an Artwork to be unsatisfactory, they may either exchange or return the Artwork. All exchange or return requests should be reported within 3 days after the delivery of the product. It shall always be clear to both, the buyer and the seller, that only serves as a marketplace for them to deal in artworks, however, the responsibility of true resemblance and genuity of the artwork(s) shall wholly be upon the seller/artist. In case a buyer has received an artwork that does not resemble the artwork they had ordered, they shall immediately raise a return/exchange request through their DIRUMS account. For more details kindly check the Return and Cancellation Policy


The amount of the artwork shall be refunded to the buyers, within 3-4 working days after the seller/artist has received the artwork back 
and confirmed the issue. 
* It is up to the buyer to decide whether they want the amount to be transferred to their Dirums Wallet and use it later or they may as well 
get it transferred to their bank account(original payment mode) thereby providing us the details of the same. To know more about the use of such details, visit 
privacy policy.

Extent of Dirums’ liability:
This is to inform the users of the website that Dirums is not liable to provide a preview of the object before or after the sale of the product. We do not ensure the condition 
The description of the artwork(s) is based on the opinion of Dirums however we do not conduct independent research for the same and therefore shall not be held liable for it. The buyers of the artwork(s) can freely consult about their purchase with independent professionals/experts on the same. has all the authority to cancel an order at any given time without being bound to justify the cancellation. and any of its affiliates and (as applicable) their respective directors, officers, employees, representatives and advisors shall not be held responsible for any errors or omissions on the platform.

Links to other Website:
The users of the website must be aware that any links to other websites, organizations, etc. are not under the control of Dirums. Therefore, we shall not be held responsible for the content posted on these websites. However, these links have only been mentioned for the convenience of the users and not with the objective of any endorsement/promotion.

Authorizations given by users:
By using our service, the sellers are authorizing us to exercise complete discretion for: the illustration and description of the artwork(s) and the acceptance/declination of an order.

Changes in Terms & Conditions:
Dirums has the liberty to make changes to these terms and conditions from time to time without any notification. The users are advised to make themselves aware of the updated terms and conditions, if any, before making a purchase, sale or for taking any services from Dirums. 

The users of the website are advised to read the other policies of Dirums along with these terms and conditions.

All rights are reserved by the company/platform.


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