1)Who is a member?

A person who has requested to be a member and the company has approved the request for the same or the people to whom the company has personally invited to be a member and the person accepts the invitation is a member.

2)Who can become a member?

The company seeks to ensure broad representation in its membership of the groups and community that it serves. However, membership is limited to those of 18 years or more. Also, at any given point of time, limited slots for membership will be available. Existing applicants and members will be notified when the membership slots are increased.

 Note- 100 Membership slots are available for now.

Below are the few criteria that will increase the chance of approval of membership but are not limited to:

*An individual who buys 5 or more Artwork or who has shopped for more than 2 lakh INR from (whichever is completed first)

*Renowned collector: people with private art galleries, private collections, curators, enthusiasts.

*A person from the corporate sector: HNWIs

*Anyone who is a current member of another professional body for artists such as the Visual Artist Association, etc

*Interior designers, architects.

*Individuals who have an income of more than 30,00,000 INR P.A


3)Why become a member of Dirums?

Dirums membership provides the following benefits:-

*Early access- All the members will get early access to the exclusive product that will be displayed for sale .

*Participate and bid in all the auctions- The members get the exclusive right of not just being a part of all the online auctions organized by  Dirums but also to bid in them.

*Personalize artwork (size, design, form of art)- Members get exclusive opportunity to connect with their favorite artists and get  personalized artwork according to their interest/ suitability.

*Personal Advisory- We at Dirums understand the difficulties a person faces while they pick an artwork. Hence, we provide a very special  advantage of advisory from industry experts and well-renowned artists. Experts would help you to select the best creation, that suits your  expectations/requirements.

*Recognition- Recognition is given to a member for being a part of a very exquisite art community that is one of a kind. They also get  recognised for their remarkable or alluring act such as putting up the highest bid in any auction, collecting a complete series of paintings by  an artist, etc. to mark it as a moment of pride/memory in the records of the company and to felicitate our members.

*Connect with the different members- Dirums provides a platform to artists and art lovers, members get the opportunity to connect/network with other members and artists.

*Workshop with our artists- The members are invited to all the workshops that are conducted by the platform.

*Invitations to Artists Networking Events/camps- Members get the opportunity to be a part of artists’ networking events and camps  organised by us where they get to meet not only our artists but also artists from different parts of the world.

*Newsletter- Members get free access to the newsletter, which mainly includes the past and the upcoming events, trends, products, bestsellers, highest  bidders, etc.

*Invitation to members in a special exhibition, events-. Members get the advantage of being a part of special exhibitions and events  organized by Dirums.

*Special Discounts/ Flash sale/ Offers- Members would also get early access to the flash sale and exciting offers.

4)Termination of Membership-

 The documents of membership would stand null and void in the following cases:-

*If the member violates the rules and regulations of the company.

*If the member is proved guilty by the court in any case.

*If the member is found making any shill bidding in any auction.

*If the person himself/herself wants to terminate the membership and writes about the same to the company.

*If a member is involved in any such activity, which harms the reputation of the company.

*If the member attempts to mislead the company, by providing any false information, will be terminated.

5) How to become a member?
 To apply for Dirums membership please fill in the given membership form___________________

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