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Lippan Kaam art, sometimes referred to as mud and mirror work, is the name of the traditional mural arts of Kutch, Gujarat, India. Lippan, or mud-washing, uses locally available materials like clay and camel dung to keep the interiors of the homes cool. These vivid murals that also bring joy and beauty refresh the Kutchi people's typically difficult life. Mud mirror work has successfully made the transfer from its ignored small status to the mainstream art world, where it is now used to beautify the walls of urban homes, thanks to its intricate design and aesthetic perfection. Paintings and wall decor items are made with vivid colors and striking patterns of lippan art techniques. People adore using Lipan art in their homes because it adds a unique and vibrant design. These days several people are using it as a way to respect the Lippan way of art and give their home and work space a distinctive, colorful appearance. Therefore, Lipan art can be a fantastic option if you want your home to have a dynamic and cultural sense.