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How can I buy artwork on
Like other E-Commerce websites, you can choose an artwork of your choice, add it to your cart and proceed to pay the total amount as shown. Once the payment is accepted, the order shall be placed.

Can I negotiate the price of an artwork I like?
In order to negotiate the price of an artwork, you can opt for the 'make an offer' option right below the photograph of it.

How do I participate in an Auction?
Only Dirums members are allowed to participate in an Auction. To know more about how to become a Dirums member and other T&C, click here. (member policy and T&C)

How do I resell an artwork?
Registered customers can apply for reselling an artwork from their collection. No sale of reprints and copied artworks will be allowed unless written copyrights are with the seller. 
Just apply for reselling and fill the required details. After the verification is done it will be enabled for reselling. 
To know more about the terms and conditions for reselling, click here.

Once I have placed an order, how long will it take to reach me?
Once the order is placed, you will be notified about the approximate delivery date. Generally it takes 7 -14 days to reach anywhere in India but it totally depends on the shipping agent and the pincode. However, if you are from outside India or from India but have chosen an artwork by an artist outside India, the order may take more than 14-20 days to reach. 

Can I cancel my order?
An order can be cancelled before the artwork has been sent out for shipping. To know more about the cancellation T&C, visit return & cancellation policy.

Can I return an order?
Yes, an order can be returned in the same condition as received. However, orders from artists outside India Kindly refer to the Return policy.  

How can I return an order?
Once an order is delivered, a return request for it can be raised within 3 days after its delivery. To know more about the terms and conditions of returning, read our return policy.

Why should I choose Dirums over other similar platforms?
Great art evokes powerful emotions, therefore the right kind of artwork(s) can have a significant impact on the atmosphere of one's place. At, you'll find well handpicked artworks curated by the experts , which will add to the beauty of your home, office or commercial space. We have a team of dedicated professionals who make sure that the artworks shown on the platform are one-of-a-kind & authentic. Our payment gateways are appropriately safe and we provide hassle-free art purchasal to collectors.

What are the payment options available for me?
A buyer can choose between bank transfers, credit/debit cards or UPI to pay for their order at the time of checkout.

Are there any taxes and custom duties that I need to pay?
In case of any custom duties or taxes to be paid, all shall be levied on the buyer of the artwork, as applicable.

How can I track my order?
After an order is shipped, a tracking id is provided to the buyer by the seller(In the order status). One can follow the link and track their shipment 

How can I bid for an Auction?
Only premium members are allowed to participate in the auction. To know more about the premium member criterion and T&C, click here.

When I submit Credit Card/Debit card/bank account information online, is it safe?
The third-party payment gateways used by are well-renowned and safe to use. To know more about the use of credit card information by Dirums, read privacy policy.

What is an Authenticity Certificate?
A COA is a declaration from the artist that it is an original artwork created by him/her and bought from, with other details of the artwork. This also acts as the record of sale to the buyer and the seller.

I have ordered a painting from Dirums, will it be framed when I receive it?
We do not ship framed paintings by default as long as there isn't a special request from the buyer's side or the artwork is such that it can not be shipped without frame. 
(Whether an artwork is framed or not is always mentioned in its description.)

I have received damaged artwork, what should I do?
In case you receive a damaged product, request for a return from your Dirums Account. To know more about the return policy, click here.

What kinds of artwork do you sell?
We sell a vast range of original Art and artifacts , From 7D sculptures to miniature arts to paintings and from modern art forms to tribal art forms. Our aim is to provide collectors with exquisite, one-of-a-kind artworks which shall bring receptivity wherever they are placed, all the while soothing the collectors from within.

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