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Unknown Facts About Lord Hanuman

Popularly known as a devotee of Lord Rama. The stories of Hanuman are known by us all but here I am going to tell you some of the unknown facts about Hanuman and will also answer some of the most revered questions. 


Facts about Hanuman


Hanuman is considered an avatar of Lord Shiva

Many people think Hanuman is also an avatar of Shiva due to the way he was created. With eight siddhis (also known as "mystic perfections"), including anima (The capacity to shrink even more than the smallest), Mahima (being able to grow indefinitely enormous), laghima The quality of achieving air-like lightness), prapti (instantaneous, willful access to everywhere), prakamya (the ability to achieve whatever one desires), Kamavasayita (the power to manipulate the elements of material nature), isitva (the power to create or destroy anything at will), and vasitva (the ability to assume any form or shape one desire).



His name means broken jaws

hanu means “jaw” and man means “prevalent”. The moniker Hanuman serves as a constant reminder of the perilous nature of unchecked power and how, when used without direction, it frequently has deadly repercussions. Hanuman jumped aloft with his hands outstretched as a toddler because he thought the sun was a fruit.


Hanuman has two forms

Hanuman appears in two different guises: Maruti the servant and Maruti the valiant. Hanuman's position in front of Rama, His hands folded in worship, and His tail laying on the ground are known as the servitor form. Maruti assumes a combat-ready stance in his role as the brave one. His right hand is towards his head, and his tail is upright. On occasion, a devil being crushed beneath His feet is shown. Maruti is revered as the brave one who can defeat issues with possession, black magic, etc.


Who is Panchmukhi Hanuman?

Hanuman's rarest idol is the Panchamukha Hanuman. This form is highly powerful and dynamic, and because it has five faces, it is known as PANCHAMUKHI (five faces). The five faces of Lord Hanuman in this form are Lord Varaha, Lord Narasimha, Lord Garuda, and Lord Hayagriva.


Lord Hanuman: He has a fixed devotion to the east. Hanuman worship offers fulfillment, calm, purity, contentment, and the ability to purge one's faults.

Lord Narasimha: This lion form of Lord Vishnu, one of his numerous avatars, faces south. Lord Vishnu assumed this avatar to safeguard Prahlada, one of his followers. Fear is eliminated with Narasimha worship. The devotee receives the blessings of triumph and fearlessness.

Lord Garuda: The Panchmukhi Hanuman manifestation includes the eagle-like Garuda, which is facing west. He provides defense against evil spirits, dark magic, and bad influences.

The boar:another incarnation of Lord Adivaraha, is thought to counteract the negative consequences of planetary movements. Varaha, which is north-facing, bestows wealth and success.

Lord Hayagriva:The horse's upward-facing form bestows wisdom, offspring, and emancipation.


The five faces of panchmukhi represent these five modes of devotion; in hinduism, they are known as naman, smaran, keerthanam, yacham, and arpanam. Hanuman ji used to do naman, smaran, and keerthanam of the Supreme Lord Rama.


Can we place Lord Hanuman painting at home?

Hanuman is viewed as a representation of might. Many people think that reciting the Hanuman Chalisa deters evil energy. A person can feel enthralled and confident when they worship Lord Hanuman. Hindu deities are honored on Tuesday, and devotees of Lord Hanuman offer prayers at his temples. Hindu legend holds that prayers performed on this day appease Lord Hanuman, who then grants the requests of his devotees. Vastu Dosh can be removed by hanging different paintings of Lord Hanuman in various locations around the house.


  • A Panchmukhi Hanuman paintings is said to fend off evil energy, and homes with one are said to be trouble-free. Gaining the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi is facilitated by it as well. At the entrance of your home, hang a painting of Panchmukhi Hanuman.


  • Lord Hanuman seated at the feet of Lord Ram. Lord Hanuman worshipped Lord Ram as his deity. Even with all his abilities, Lord Hanuman consistently sat at Lord Ram's feet. It is thought that hanging this painting in the family's living room will keep the love between all the members of the family flowing.


  • Sanjeevani Mountain is carried by flying Lord Hanuman. In order to rescue Lord Lakshman's life, Lord Hanuman had to fly a full mountain with him. It is suggested that houses with members who lack courage and confidence hang a painting of Lord Hanuman flying with the mountain.


I sincerely hope you enjoyed and learned something from my blog. You can read our other blogs about devotion and paintings as well. Only at can you peruse a vast selection of paintings created by our top artists in a variety of media.



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