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5 Big Reasons You Should Place Radha Krishna Paintings In Your Home

Surely Lord Krishna needs no introduction! Known to all, he is the name of power and prosperity. Radha Krishna has been represented as a standard of love throughout history, from mythology to the modern period. In the history of our Indian people, these two words were never used separately. It is hard for humans not to think about Lord Krishna whenever we discuss Radha. It undoubtedly sticks in our minds and prompts us to consider the timeless love story at least once. But what is unknown is that apart from eternal love what are the different meanings of Radha Krishna paintings? What are the different styles of Radha Krishna painting?  Are Radha Krishna paintings good for home? Can we gift Radha Krishna paintings? In this blog, I will be answering all your questions.







The Symbolism Of Radha Krishna's Paintings

Krishna and His actions are filled with profound mystical symbolism that points to the greatest Truth in every way. Only hearts with an appreciation for the arts can truly comprehend it. The word Krishna means "black" in Sanskrit, denoting the Supreme Consciousness. Krishna and His actions are filled with profound mystical symbolism that points to the greatest Truth in every way. All living things lavishly decorate Lord Krishna, the most revered god of all time. He appears in many different guises, holding his flute contentedly as cows stand behind him and listen to his music. His actions and surroundings in various ways reflect his personality. One might infer his beliefs and teachings from his ornamentations and gestures. Providing a peaceful living environment, he blends simplicity and quiet.




Radha and krishna with flute


What Are The Different Styles Of Radha Krishna Paintings?

Paintings of Radha and Krishna are prominent, but not because they are powerful expressions of love and devotion. They are essential for your home's design as well. The presence of a stunning Radha Krishna artwork on your wall will undoubtedly draw compliments from your visitors. Some objects are made in such a way that it becomes nearly hard to stop looking at them. Some of the popular styles of Radha Krishna painting are:






Radha Krishna Paintings In Pattachitra Style: 

One of the oldest and most well-known art forms is the Pattachitra style of painting, which is mostly done in West Bengal and Odisha. It comes from the Sanskrit word "patta," which means cloth "Chitra," which means picture, combined to form the name Pattachitra. This art form, which is among the oldest and most well-known currently practiced ones, is thought to have its roots in the 12th century. These paintings share the common trait of having strong lines and vibrant colors. These form paintings only employ natural colors, and the brushes are made of bamboo sticks.






Radha Krishna Paintings In Madhubani Style:

The traditional art of the Mithila region is called Madhubani or Mithila painting. The eastern Terai of Nepal and the north of Bihar both fall under the Mithila area. Traditionally, female artists from the Mithila region have created Madhubani paintings. The bark of trees, flowers, leaves, and other natural materials are utilized to create the hues used in the Madhubani painting.










Radha Krishna Paintings In Abstract style:

In order to create its intended effect, abstract art uses Forms, Colors, Textures, and Gesture Marks rather than an accurate portrayal of visual reality. It was absolutely radical when it was created at the turn of the 20th century.


Why Are Radha Krishna Paintings Good For Home?

Radha Krishna's paintings cultivate in people a sense of fresh inspiration and excitement. It also fosters and aids in self-introspection by bringing creativity, intuition, and inspiration. When Radha and Krishna are the painting's actual subjects, divinity, positivism, and cosmic vibrations are instantly brought about, and everything that resonates with that frequency is drawn to it. The most cherished couple's eyes reveal their calm and innermost selves, their peacock feather crown exudes divinity and brightens your existence, their hands transform you into his flute, and their feet turn you into a devoted follower. The artist who creates the artwork and adds brilliant colors indulges in piety and purity. 




These paintings are appropriate for any area, whether it is a bedroom, dining room, or guest room. Fill any empty spaces on the wall that you feel with breathtaking Radha Krishna paintings. Your energy levels will always be high thanks to these paintings.




Can We Give Radha Krishna Painting As A Gift?

Even after practicing and enjoying the delight of gift-giving, people still experience difficulties while choosing gifts for their loved ones. A present may appear to be nothing more than a token of the giver's happiness and well-wishes, but what if it has additional meaning? Yes, they can also serve as a blessing symbol. To accomplish both goals, you can give Radha Krishna paintings or other Krishna paintings.




For housewarming celebrations, one can select paintings bearing in mind the color scheme of the space from a variety of selections of Radha Krishna paintings. The paintings of Lord Krishna are seen as auspicious and welcome, making them the ideal choice for a housewarming celebration. If the recipients are a couple, they can also receive Radha Krishna paintings as gifts. Drawings of Krishna in the different roles he has played during his life might also be given to him. A picture of Krishna playing the flute might be the one that matches the description the best.


In this article, I hope to have been able to alleviate a few of your concerns. If you want to learn more about paintings, you can always check out our other blogs. A wide variety of Radha Krishna paintings are now available for purchase from some of our best painters. Visit to learn more about paintings and buy some of the latest collections of artworks.



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