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Can I buy paintings in an art gallery ?


A well-styled home or a welcoming home is one filled with art and artifacts. an art or a painting is something that adds life to your walls, it speaks millions about the owner and the wall. But the most challenging part stays incorporating these painting into your room and exhibiting it better than in any art gallery. Now before answering can I buy paintings in an art gallery I’d like to answer why one should buy paintings.


Why buy paintings?


There are various reasons to buy paintings for some it might be a hobby while for some a style statement. Here is why one should buy paintings.


  • It's an investment: where most of the articles at home seem to depreciate with time buying original paintings proves itself to be a perfect investment. it appreciates with time as it is authentic and handmade with each painting having its own story to share.


  • Style statement: where jewelry and accessories prove to be your style statement paintings prove to be a style statement for your house. Adding a painting to your home decor is adding value to your walls.


  • Expression: painting is a form of expressing one’s emotions it speaks a lot about a person’s personality which is a matter of fact why people feel so connected and invest in buying paintings.


  • Promote creativity and emerging artist: buying original paintings online promotes local emerging artist which in turn inspire them to create more such masterpiece. eg Dirum is an online platform where one can buy online painting


  • Invite compliment: no I am not kidding once you add painting to your home decor it does all the talking. All you need to do is sit back and take all the compliments.




How to incorporate paintings into your home decor?


Want to buy paintings for your home decor? This indeed is a difficult job we often get confused about what to choose and what not. The size of the painting?? Where to hang?? And many more here are a few tips that can help you incorporate some art into your room.



  • Hang it low: hanging pictures is quite an outdated style try something new. Hang them low at eye level. If you want people to notice the masterpiece you chose it is always wise to hang them low so that people notice. One can line them just at the height of the sofa or let them lean on the tabletop or showcase.
  • Colour for every mood: every room has its own mood and colors that complement them. eg: colors like grey or blue are said to be calming colors which are suitable for bedrooms whereas bright colors like bright red and bright yellow transfer energy hence, are suitable for living room. And colors like orange, and red are suitable for the dining area.
  • Think out of the box: well, walls are not the only spaces where you can hang them all.  think of other spaces where you can add them. There are numerous often-overlooked areas in a home where art may have a significant impact. It can be your staircase or the messed-up bookshelf. Decorate them all.
  • Accessorize: add elements in and around the paintings to make them in harmony with the room one can add a little lampshade on either side or some cushion to match the texture of the painting one can also play with curtains or lights in order to highlight the painting.
  • Do not forget your bathroom: well bathroom is that corner of the house that brings us the quirkiest ideas and where we spend the most time pampering ourselves. Yet, it remains the most ignored area of our house. You can choose some of the quirkiest paintings that bring out all the laughter and craziness inside you.


There is nothing called perfect when it comes to home decor or buy paintings cause everyone has their own choice and thoughts.  Art is something that defines personality and hence cannot be judged from other's point of view. So go on experiment explore the galleries get yourself the best. You can explore and buy paintings from a huge collection at Dirums.




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