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What is Indian art painting?


India is known for its diverse culture and art. Indian art painting has the power to capture and maintain human emotions for longer periods of time. This is why Indian arts occupy a unique position in the international arena. Indian art painting styles differ from region to region.


Rajput painting, Warli painting, Mali painting, Kalighat painting, Maithili painting, Mughal painting, Tanjore painting, Jadupatua painting, Puri painting, Miniature painting, Mysore painting, Phad painting, Mural painting, Pahari painting, and so on are some of the different types of paintings.


Indian art can be further categorized into different groups.

Traditional Indian art painting: Traditional Indian art is a type of art that is usually practiced by tribal people. Every part of the country has its own artistic heritage. These Indian traditional paintings progressed from simple portrayals of Mother Nature — trees, birds, animals, and man — to deities, the human body detailed representations of the universe — sun, moon, and other spiritual notions. Traditional Indian art can be seen in form of Gond art, Madhubani painting, Pattachitra, etc.


Modern Indian art painting: Calcutta is credited for starting the modern Indian art trend in Indian painting in the late 1800s. It is a mix of modern and classic art forms. Still, cityscape paintings, greyscales, representations of substance addiction, and other types of modern Indian painting can be found.


Indian Abstract painting: Cubist and semi-cubist styles brought abstract modern art to India. During the 1960s and 1970s, this trend exploded, including a wide spectrum of styles. Abstract Indian art is a departure from traditional representational painting concepts. This style of painting is non-objective and based on inner experience rather than fact. that uses abstract elements such as shape, form, color, and texture to depict painting, sculpture, and/or graphic art. This visual art form is free from the subject matter and pictorial representation.


Indian miniature painting: Indian miniatures are small-scale paintings with a lot of detail. They date back to at least the 9th century CE and are currently practiced by many contemporary painters. Did you know? They were either painted on dried palm leaf texts or painted on fabric. Indian painters painted epics, fables, and religious texts, allowing those who couldn't read to visualize the narrative through art.



How to incorporate Indian art painting into the modern house?


We are always confused seeing the wide variety of Indian art paintings. India has a rich and diversified culture their art varies from region to region. And it is the best way to feel connected to the Indian culture.



  • Indian painting has something for everyone, from traditional to modern, with vibrant colors that look great on any wall. Indian art paintings follow different themes such as village life, city life, nature, deities, etc.


  • Traditional Indian art paintings employ geometrical designs and detailed handwork, making them an appealing choice for the drawing room and entrance since the natural colors appear to be quite welcoming.
  • The Indian folk picture has a tale attached to it that serves as a discussion starter. As a result, it's ideal for the drawing room when you're at a loss for words. At the same time, the vivid colors of Indian art paintings attract the attention of onlookers, adding to the room's appeal.
  • Modern paintings can be a perfect match for every room due to their variation in colors and theme.
  • The appealing colors of abstract Indian paintings are ideal for the bedroom because they inspire motivation and generally complement the space concept.
  • Miniature Indian paintings go well in bedrooms as well as a drawing room for their storytelling quality.


Indian paintings are a must-have for anyone looking to add a touch of culture to their homes or offices. Indian art paintings complement a wide range of themes and backgrounds. The vibrant colors and detailed design communicate a lot. It is therefore ideal for both home and office use. And a must-have for any Indian hotel. With the advancement of technology, you can now buy your favorite Indian painting online with a single click.





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