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What is a handmade painting?


A handmade painting is made by applying paint, pigment, or color to a solid surface, such as canvas, paper, cloth, silk, ceramic, wood, glass, pottery, metal, or a wall. one can easily be confused between handmade painting and print art. So before you buy handmade paintings online here is something you should keep in mind.


Handmade painting v/s print art


With improved technology and techniques it is really difficult to differentiate between handmade painting and print art. So before you walk out to buy handmade paintings here are some quick tips you can follow.


  • Uniqueness: handmade paintings are one of a kind as the painter puts hours of effort to put his thought and imagination on paper. Whereas print art is the mass production of a particular art and is usually quite cheap in price.
  • Texture: original handmade paintings are textured and done on a coarse medium one can clearly see the rough edges of brush strokes and the texture of the paper whereas print art is usually done on a smooth medium with smooth finishing.
  • Authenticity: in an original handmade painting one can see pencil strokes under clear sunlight whereas in print art one might find numbering or copyright logos under sunlight.
  • Shine: handmade paintings use bright colors that have a shine of their own. Whereas print art is usually extra glossy with a smooth layer of colors.
  • Price: original painting is usually a bit on the expensive side as the artist spends hours creating one masterpiece whereas print art is cheap and affordable as they are created in mass.


Why should you buy an original handmade painting?

  • Supports artists directly: buying handmade paintings inspires local and emerging painters to create more artwork.
  • Sense of touch: The surface of a print will never match the variations in the texture of a painting.  There's something about original paintings, whether they're on canvas, paper, or another medium, that makes them unique.
  • One of a kind: each painting is handcrafted personally by putting personal emotions into it which is unique and irreplaceable.
  • Investment: where some of the handmade paintings can be proved as an investment in long-term print art lose their value with time.


How to take care of handmade paintings?

Handmade wall paintings are some of the most delicate pieces of art that require extreme care. You may find the following tips helpful: While picking a spot in the house where your painting gets maximum attention is important, avoid putting it under direct sunlight or in places where it may get damp. Ensure that the hooks on which the bag hangs are strong so it does not fall off if you bump into it accidentally. When necessary, clean the painting with a soft-bristled brush. Microfiber cloths are also an option. Do not use liquid cleaning agents on the painting.

sure is important, make sure it isn't hung directly in the sun or in places where it can get damp. Ensure that the hooks it hangs on are strong so that it doesn't fall off if you accidentally bump into it. Use a soft-bristled brush to clean the painting only when necessary. Microfiber cloths are also an option. Avoid cleaning the painting with any liquid agents.

Next time you buy handmade paintings you know you are owning a valuable asset. Something that defines you and your taste. Take care of it like a family and it will help you keep that smile intact. 

We sincerely hope that you have found this blog to be beneficial. If you are seeking original handmade paintings, is the place to go. You can browse and purchase from a vast selection of original works by some of our best artists.




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