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Buy Affordable Paintings Online In India.

Where can I buy affordable paintings online in India?

Did you think buying paintings is just for curators? Or buying paintings is expensive? Well no not really everyone can buy affordable paintings online. Talking about buying a painting there isn't any shortcut you need to consider and follow certain steps. 


  • Purpose: firstly, you need to device why are you buying the painting, is it for business purposes or for decor purposes.
  • Research: once you are done with the first part it is time for some research work .no! you don't need to get worried. relax and figure out where do want to put the painting the size of the painting and the spacing around it. 
  • Some more research: next you have to just hold your phone and search for different kinds of painting and choose what is best for you.
  • Set a budget: I'm sure you're now undecided about the number of paintings you want to acquire. So, here's the most important step: determine a budget for your painting. This will allow you to purchase affordable paintings that are within your budget.
  • Choose: by now I a sure that you are clear about what fits your budget but still have a few left in your hand. so, now sit back and look at the space carefully. Look at the color combination and select.
  • Order: once you are clear with what to buy simply order and for the payment procedure.
  • Relax: you have done a great job now treat yourself with some chilled drink and sit back and wait till your favorite affordable painting is delivered at your footstep.


How to select the paintings for your room?

  1. Know your space: Knowing your area is crucial, since a large picture may completely change the aspect of the room. An artwork that is too small may appear to be empty on the walls. 
  2. Know your walls: It is critical to understand the color difference between your walls. To stand out, the artwork must either merge in with your design and color scheme or completely contrast it. It's pointless to spend money on artwork that doesn't match your room's color scheme.
  3. Lighting: lighting plays a vital role to enhance the beauty of the painting. It has to have visual accessibility and the right amount of light.
  4. Theme: you can always buy affordable paintings according to the theme of the room. Like if you plan for a vintage look you can always go for grayscale or traditional painting whereas for contemporary rooms abstract and modern art suits the best.
  5. Select painting according to the room: every room has a different purpose it is important to know which painting is suitable for which room.
  • Bedroom: the bedroom is usually the place where we return after a long hectic day. It is the space where we relax so it demands paintings with subtle colors and themes. It is said that the picture of Radha Krishna should be placed in the bedroom as it attracts positivity. one can also use nature paintings such as a waterfall or village painting.
  • Living room: The living room is the most visible room in the house, so bright colors and paintings are required. Because most of our conversations take place in the living room, a family portrait painting or an Indian painting can serve as an ice breaker. One can also go for abstract art or modern art.
  • Dining room: it is the space where we spend most of the quality time with our family. Where we talk about different family matters and share beautiful memories. it is suggested to add a cultural painting or a family painting. You could also go ahead with abstract art.
  • Kitchen: the kitchen is usually compact and has less space one can always go for miniature food paintings or vases. You can browse over for pools of options for all types of affordable paintings that can match the walls and cabinet of your kitchen


Buying paintings from an art gallery gives you the feeling of having purchased a magnificent picture without exceeding your budget. Because art e-commerce companies that sell paintings are not burdened by the actual infrastructure of traditional art studios, commissions are frequently reduced.  When compared to a real art gallery you can always buy an affordable painting online. There are various online sites that offer you original paintings and even offer you personalized portraits at a reasonable price.




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