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Origin of Abstract art


At the turn of the twentieth century, abstract art arose. The artistic environment of the time was dominated by fauvism, cubism, and figurative expressionism. This style of art is distinguished by its use of color, shapes, and, of course, theme. So much so that, throughout time, the pictorial aspect was gradually abandoned in favor of form. This time is marked by boldness and color experimentation as painters began to break free from the restrictions of academics.


What is the meaning of abstract art?


Every abstract art need not have a particular meaning. Abstract art does not aim to saying a story or convey any sort of message. The basic idea behind abstract art is to express one's emotions in form of art. One could have different ideas of expressing. The artist starts with an empty canvas on the floor and sketches, writes, drips paint, and basically has fun with whatever they feel at the time.


What is the main characteristic of abstract art?


The main characteristic of abstract art is that Abstract art can be distinguished by the absence of any obvious theme; instead, the artist expresses their emotions via the use of various colors and shapes. Dark colors, for example, are associated with sadness and a dreary day, but bright colors are associated with joy. Abstract art does not have a theme in its purest form. It's just a bunch of lines, shapes, and colors.


Abstract art for home decor


Abstract works are a terrific way to bring color into the living room, and you can also use them to complement other materials and textures in the space. Abstract art has the advantage of leaving a lot to the imagination and allowing the viewer to interpret the work in his own way, or just leaving one guessing as to what the artist was thinking about when he produced it, making it an excellent discussion starter.


Abstract art for workspace


Abstract art has the unique ability to elicit dramatically differing perspectives, feelings, and opinions from individuals who examine it. That is why abstract art has shown to be the perfect choice for collaborative workspaces, as it has the ability to unlock people's creative potential without detracting too much from the debate and concerns at hand.


Many people find abstract art perplexing, and others even despise it. But, no matter what, you can't help but notice it; that's the appeal of abstract art; it's always the topic of discussion. You may find it tough to comprehend at first, but after a deeper examination, you will undoubtedly enjoy it. So, what are you waiting for? Start collecting abstract art today.






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