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10 Tips To Hang Paintings And Prints

Why Do We Need To Buy Paintings Online?

The home decor process cannot be completed without wall art, since nobody wants to stare at a blank wall all day long. Once you have decided on this the next step is simply to brainstorm. A few additions can transform an empty house into a home and make a house feel more like home. Here are a few ideas to add life to your walls.

Wall Painting Above Furniture

You can use artwork to draw additional attention to a furniture such as a bed, a buffet, or a dresser. Plan to align the furniture with the outer edges of the gallery wall to fill up the entire space. To create a cohesive look, combine pieces with similar color palettes or styles.


Wall Art Shelf

Install a floating shelf as it adds character to the walls and you always have the freedom to quickly change the position of your artwork. You can always stack them with colorful frames and handmade paintings.


lady with saree portrait painting







Curate A Gallery Wall

Nothing can match a gallery wall when it comes to adding personality and life to your wall. Display a collection of your favorite paintings and photographs. Play up to the ceiling to give an illusion of a larger space.


Full Coverage

A wall-to-wall mural creates the illusion of intimacy, just like sitting alone in a museum to view a wall painting. You can also choose an oversized painting that would command attention and also add that extra tone to your walls.


Go For Miniatures

A gallery wall doesn't need to take up the entire room. Miniatures are just too cute to be kept in a dollhouse. For a discreet yet cheeky gallery wall in the bedroom, hang some miniature framed artworks. 

Switch Up Shapes Colors And Sizes

Add that extra quirk to your wall and experiment with the shape size and color of your artwork. It is high time to change from those boring black square frames go ahead to play with different shapes, colors, and sizes, and look at how your wall changes into a wonderful art gallery.

Double Up Two Massive Canvasses

Two massive canvases fill up a large space in your room. go on for abstract paintings with bright pop-up colors that will add color to your living room and at the same time draw all your attention. Dirums provides you with various options to buy abstract paintings online

Hang Artwork Over A Window

Hang your artwork over a window when you're short on wall space or just want to obscure a less-than-ideal view. Find yourself the perfect size artwork and frame to animate the window seat while still letting in enough light.

Go Grayscale 

In a room with a strictly neutral color scheme, black-and-white artwork adds just the right amount of visual interest. You can buy such handmade paintings online from sites such as



Upper Wall Art Gallery

Create an upper wall art gallery by using the space above the window or the cornice above the kitchen cabinet. Fill matching frames with your favorite photographs and prints to organize your collection. Consider putting black-and-white photos in a vibrant environment. Alternatively, if your area is more neutral, like this breakfast nook, use a variety of bright artwork.

There can be various ways you can style your artwork. Go on and create your own gallery create your creation. buy yourself the most beautiful artwork online. Experiment with every nook and corner of the house especially those empty corners and those staircases do not miss the bookshelves add 

Modern paintings

Landscape paintings

Abstract paintings. 




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